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En este sentido - luz y amor,
30. Agosto 2022

Commander_Oslo escribió:

Hi, We are staying in Berlin 8 - 10th august. We have been in other clubs in europe, but this is our first visit to Insomnia. We find both PlayDate and Master & Servant interesting. Going to both? Not sure.. flying back early saturday. We will be thankful of any advice to us regarding this parties on personal message from people that have attended the same parties earlier. And may be there are another couple out there going to the same party/parties that wants to hook up? ;)
26. Agosto 2022

Mario012 de Berlin escribió:

Habe am 23.08.22 eine Meggie kennengelernt und vielleicht ist sie wieder da. Oder meld dich wenn du das liest. Lg Italian style
26. Agosto 2022


Hallo. Suche ne nette Begleitung für das heutige Party. Hat eine Lust auf einem Schwarzen? Schreib mir gerne
24. Agosto 2022

Mario012 de Berlin escribió:

Hallo, war am 23/08/22 bei euch und ich suche die nette Maggi :) melde dich
20. Agosto 2022

ToomL escribió:

So first time visiting this club the other night (19th) and I had great time. The service was professional and the music was a lot of fun, drinks were decently priced and met some really great people. I will suggest it to friends :)

Feel free to say hi on the profile message inbox (Tom, in the beret).
18. Agosto 2022

Mury de Hamburg escribió:

I‘ve been to the club many times before
And I tried to get in today (18.08.2022) but the lady was so impolite and rude she not even gave me chance to talk.
And when I diced to change the party she said that I was not allowed to get in because she didn’t want to.

Very disappointed with the club

I‘m not from Berlin and I came here just for it.
10. Agosto 2022

Fabrizio69 de Berlin escribió:

Hallo, ich würde gerne dem Club beitreten, aber Sie können Coopia oder Singles betreten und Sie müssen sich elegant oder sexy für den männlichen Dank kleiden
05. Agosto 2022

Tommy1 de Berlin escribió:

Hey der tommy hier melde echt mal bei geilen Fantasien wo ich mit machen kann??
03. Agosto 2022

EriCk1 de Nitra escribió:

Ktory bude 6.8 sobotu u vas v klube
03. Agosto 2022

EriCk1 de Nitra escribió:

Prvy krat v Berlíne a tesim sa na krasny zážitok s Krásnymi ženami

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