Queer Parties

We are polymorphically perverted and fit into no category ...
so gays, lesbians, transgenders, transvestites and crossdressers also find their favorite party in our calendar.
Each flamboyant or colorful character is welcome to join us and we want to give you an overview, what events are of particular interest to you:

  • The "Secrets" party has established itself in the scene for a long time now. Performances by international and local showstars, a colorful celebration and a fun audience make this event the party # 1 for all queer guests at INSOMNIA. More information in our event calendar.
    But other events, such as the Circus Bizarre, Fridays events, Fetish & BDSM Wednesday parties and of course specials such as New Year, Christmas, Venus, anniversary, etc are also open to the queer scene...

    Pure swinger events like Sunday and Tuesday's are more suitable for bi - contacts ... our guests are very curious and open minded.

    Exception Sexparty on Thursday: rather unsuitable for a visit!

    Exception Fetish / BDSM Wednesday: There are many straight couples / men that are interested in scenarios with bisexuals, TV / TS, etc.. They often also enjoy watching you playing with yourself. A competent Dominatrix is always present to answer questions, to demonstrate practices or to assist in the implementation of delicate fantasies. Very unusual scenarios can be lived here in a clean and safe environment.

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