Pervy XXX-Mas
INSOMNIA New Year's Eve Party
Pervy XXX-Mas
INSOMNIA New Year's Eve Party


Queer Parties

We are erotically inspired and fit into no pigeonhole...
and so also queer, bi, homo, lesbian, transgender, polyamory, crossdresser, etc. will find the right party in our calendar.
JEvery bird of paradise is welcome here and we want to give you an overview of which events are particularly interesting for you:

Particularly suitable are our sex-positive events at Friday and Saturday, such as Kinktastisch, Hedomanie, Circus Bizarre, as well as our specials such as New Year's Eve, Christmas, Venus, Jubilee, etc.

Pure Swinger events are most suitable for bi - contacts... our guests are very curious and open-minded for it.

Special Fetish / BDSM Events: There are many straight - couples/men who can imagine scenarios with bisexuals, trans* etc. They also like to watch if you just want to play with yourself. There is always a competent dominatrix on site as a contact person, be it to answer questions, show practices or help with the realisation of delicate fantasies. With us, even very unusual scenarios can be lived out in a clean and safe environment.

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