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INSOMNIA New Year's Eve Live stream and spectator tables

jueves, 31. Diciembre de las 20:30 horas

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49 €
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The INSOMNIA New Year's Eve livestream with spectator seats
INSOMNIA - Live stream soft and
INSOMNIA - Live stream hardcore
Techhouse, House & Electro by Monty, Scary, Basti Wach & alGee
New Year's Eve countdown with Dominique
Limited audience seats - be part of the stream! Price: 49€ per person incl.3 drinks*
You can order your table now at
Let's be honest: 2020 was a horrible year and for INSOMNIA a tough fight for bare survival, which is still in full swing.

All the greater is the hope that 2021 will allow more normality and the anticipation of finally being able to welcome our many dear and above all international guests in large numbers again.

All this we want to celebrate today to the big New Year's Eve stream from the INSOMNIA, drive away the evil spirits and toast to new times.

For this we have not only booked fantastic DJs and the enchanting singer and dominatrix Lady Xara, but we would also like to invite you to reserve one of the beautiful Corona-suitable tables and be there at the turn of the year with Dominique and her team.

Enjoy a very special New Year's Eve in a long missed club atmosphere and be part of our party live stream in the club. We will serve cold drinks at your seats at the top of the gallery, from there you will celebrate with our DJs, performers and the Insomnia team at a safe distance.

We are looking forward to you!

Rules of the evening: If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or fever, please stay at home.

It is necessary to wear a mouth-nose cover when entering / leaving the club, from / to the table or play area and from / to the toilet/shower, when moving around the club.

At an erotic game with cuddling, brawling, sexual exchange (intercourse) without distance or mask only persons from one household / married couple / cohabitation / polyamorous union are allowed.

Two persons / spouses / cohabiting spouse / polyamorous couple may also participate in an erotic game with cuddling, scuffling, sexual exchange (intercourse) with mouth - nose - protection. According to the Safer Sex conditions and no oral practices.

In a BDSM game / treatment, either only persons from one household / spouses / cohabitation / polyamorous union or never more persons than from two households in parallel are involved. In the latter constellation, the minimum distance of one forearm length must be kept between the heads during treatment and a mask must be worn.

In the play areas there is a sign "Used - Please disinfect", which must be put down when leaving the area so that it is clearly visible that the area is to be disinfected.

After intensive play we politely ask for a rough pre-cleaning, after which staff disinfect all contact surfaces such as chairs, couches and shelves with a disinfectant.

Only when everything has been cleaned, the playing area is released again and the sign turned to the side with the inscription: "Everything freshly disinfected". Please only use play areas with green clearance. If necessary, please inform the team briefly, as we only operate with limited staff.

The contact sheets will be shredded and disposed of after 4 weeks.

Even if it is propagated everywhere else: please still pay cash.

*Soft / beer / champagne / wine

código de vestimenta

A través de ropa ajustada y ajustada hecha de materiales extraordinarios y la orquestación sensual del propio cuerpo, p. Fetiche, látex, vinilo, cuero, gótico, lencería, mallas, tirantes, glamour, nylon, gasa, satén, seda, terciopelo, piel, plumas,
botas, accesorios como collares, correas de cuero, ataduras, látigos, tacones vertiginosos, etc.

Quien prefiere cubrirse a sí mismo un poco más, debería hacerlo usando fluyendo, oscuro, especialmente negro,tal vez tela translúcida, p. Caftán, sarong, capas, uniformes, etc. También corsé, encordeste y ataduras de ropa, eso te da forma, p. corpiños, cadenas y cuerdas, etc.

La demanda de una exposición extraordinaria también puede cumplirse mediante el uso de disfraces, como enfermera y médico sexy,
Calígula y Messalina, Bonny & Clyde, policía rizado, poderoso bárbaro, piratas negros, bailarina del vientre o la adorable Jeannie.

¿Quién no se atreve a salir tan eróticamente, que se une a la fiesta después de una visita a la ópera o que simplemente prefiere el atuendo elitista-elegante sobre todo, puede aparecer "Lazo negro", p.
Fumar, frac y sombrero, vestido sin espalda, vestidos de lentejuelas, etc.

Por favor, invente algo creativo, para que su visita termine con una carcajada en el bar y en la pista de baile, y que no esté ya en la puerta.