Saturday Night Fuck
Saturday Night Fuck


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Circus Bizarre - Burlesque Special

Circus Bizarre @ INSOMNIA Nightclub Berlin - Sexpositive, Erotic, Fetish, Burlesque, Swinger, BDSM - PartyVeranstaltet durch:
Dominique Insomnia

Friday, 24. March from 10:00 PM

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Open Club for Hedonistic People!
Techhouse, Melodic Techno & Electro by DJs Marc@Garden & BioTec
Burlesque Show by Rala du Reign
Welcome to Circus Bizarre - between times and between worlds.

Breathing out becomes breathing through becomes greedily sucking in life.

Everything is at stake, one dances through the nights on the volcano, if necessary also with bare feet, shrill, fast, radical, excessive, exalted and wicked.

The defiant credo of the bohemian sauvage: "Now more than ever." The new freedom she is so colorful and loud, as if she knows that her jailer is already waiting at dawn. Wild - Frivolous - Sex-postive

Birds of paradise, freaks or those who want to be, the curious and the greedy for the new: in the ring of the bizarre circus there is room for all who have not dared to be seen so far.

Eccentric nightshades populate the bizarre amusement as phantasmagorias, the Lost Generation oscillates between hunger for life and optimism.

Everything has to come out, even the fears - the old and the new. Burlesque, fetish and baroque meet drag queens, clowns, lovers and freaks.

Life is like a marathon, you just have to have the nerve to stay in Circus Bizarre! Let's swing it, baby!

Sex, intoxication, decadence, hedonism - INSOMNIA

Ring free!

Rules of the evening:
Our awareness team is on the road in the club and always available for you.
- No means no.
- Do you want to talk, dance or play with someone? Ask politely if there is interest and respect the answer.
- Give others their space when playing together or being intimate. Do you want to join in? Ask politely and respect their response.
- Cell phones are not allowed! Leave them in the dressing room.
- Crossing boundaries will not be tolerated, ask once, a no is a no.
- Sexual or verbal harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Covid measures & hygiene concept

The current hygiene regulations of the Berlin Senate apply. You can find the current version on the News-Page.


Body-hugging, tight-fitting clothes made of unusual materials and the sensual staging of one's own body, e.g. fetish, latex, lacquer, leather, gothic, lingerie, fishnet shirts, suspenders, glamour, nylon, chiffon, satin, velvet, silk, fur, feathers, boots, accessories such as collars, leather straps - shackles, whips, dizzyingly high high heels, etc.

If you prefer to cover up a bit more, you can do so with flowing, dark - mainly black, perhaps also transparent - fabrics, e.g. caftans, sarongs, capes, uniforms, etc.

Also lacing, constricting and bringing into shape, e.g. corsets, chains, ropes, etc.

The demand for an extraordinary presentation can also be realised with the help of costumes, whether as a sexy nurse & doctor, Caligula & Messalina, Bonny & Clyde, kinky police officer, strong barbarian, black pirate, belly dancer, enchanting Jeannie.

If you don't dare to go that far erotically, have just come from the opera or simply appreciate an elitist and elegant outfit, you can also come in "black tie", e.g. dinner jacket, tailcoat and top hat, sexy and wicked evening dress, short black dress, sequin dresses etc. Please think of something.

Please think of something so that you can smile all the way to the bar on the weekend and not just to the door!
42 & 55, UK
29, Berlin
37, Berlin
42 & 45
20 & 20, Bremen