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Erotic Hypnosis - Live
Saturday Night Fuck
Swingin' Sunday


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Frau Leader

Thursday, 22. June from 7:00 PM

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Welcome to the colorful, kinky FLINTA-only, party in the Insomnia Club Berlin

@GoddessEvaPain & @frau_leader would like to invite you to get together for a night of Sexy, Kinky FLINTA Fun! in the cozy dungeon of the Insomnia club.

Get to know people in a chilled atmosphere, feel free to use the space as you like, Fight play corner, bondage corner, cuddle area, soft surfaces, showers and Bdsm furniture are available to make your evening fun!

Your hosts & awareness team @GoddessEvaPain & @frau_leader will welcome you as you enter and will there for you to help out, answer questions and make the space safe, sane, and consensual for everyone.

we also offer you:

Try out corners - Electro play with @FaeJinx
Snacks & Sweets
Toys from the club will be available for use
Little games to socialize and connect with others will be played through the evening and anyone can freely participate.

Please note that:

This party Welcomes FLINTA only!
meaning: Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Trans and Agender! (no cis men)
Registration is mandatory through the form that can be found here:
Entry will be possible from 19:00 to 20:00.
After this time it is still possible to enter but should be communicated in the registration to ensure the presence of the welcome team.
Any harassment / non consensual behavior, of any kind would not be tolerated and will result in removing the perpetrator from our events
No photos allowed! leave your phone in our guarded wardrobe
you can change your outfit inside the club
To maintain the safety of the FLINTA community,
there will be a screening happening at the entrance door.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse admission at the door

Join our FLINTA party and start your weekend with good sexy vibes ;)


Predominantly on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays there are one or many o the following terms to be found in the dress code: Sexy underwear, black dessous, lingerie, fetish, no street clothes

On those days another more sexual party-concept is the main focus,
hence the dress code adapts to this motto and wants to deliver a more sexually explicit atmosphere amongst the participants, e.g. black, tight underwear, black shorts, muscle-shirts, translucent shirts, fetish, vinyl, latex, leather, lingerie, corsets, stockings, obscene negligees, babydolls, etc.

Look appetizing! - You want to be selected, right?
Body-hugging, tight-fitting clothes made of unusual materials and the sensual staging of one's own body, e.g. fetish, latex, lacquer, leather, gothic, lingerie, fishnet shirts, suspenders, glamour, nylon, chiffon, satin, velvet, silk, fur, feathers, boots, accessories such as collars, leather straps - shackles, whips, dizzyingly high high heels, etc.

If you prefer to cover up a bit more, you can do so with flowing, dark - mainly black, perhaps also transparent - fabrics, e.g. caftans, sarongs, capes, uniforms, etc.

Also lacing, constricting and bringing into shape, e.g. corsets, chains, ropes, etc.

The demand for an extraordinary presentation can also be realised with the help of costumes, whether as a sexy nurse & doctor, Caligula & Messalina, Bonny & Clyde, kinky police officer, strong barbarian, black pirate, belly dancer, enchanting Jeannie.

If you don't dare to go that far erotically, have just come from the opera or simply appreciate an elitist and elegant outfit, you can also come in "black tie", e.g. dinner jacket, tailcoat and top hat, sexy and wicked evening dress, short black dress, sequin dresses etc. Please think of something.

Please think of something so that you can smile all the way to the bar on the weekend and not just to the door!
Fetish-Outfits (Latex, Lacquer, Leather), BDSM-Outfits, naked slaves and servants with their elegant masters
Here your imagination knows no limits. Sexy outfits with accessories and accents from the fantasy world: flowers, fairy, glitter, costumes
Everything that is soft and cuddly: leggings, T-shirts, onesies, sportswear. For the later part: lingerie, underwear, kimono, nude.
Please no jeans, hard belt buckles, firm, rough fabrics etc.
39, SF
Michelle the Spell
38, Berlin
34 & 46, Berlin
37, Hamburg