Saturday Night Fuck
Saturday Night Fuck


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Erotische Hypnose - Die Party

Thursday, 30. March from 8:00 PM

0 Sex Party presents:
"Erotic Hypnosis - Live" | The only Kinky Hypnosis Show & Party in Germany.
Let hypnotist ViVe hypnotize you and experience a real MINDFUCK!

Exclusively at Insomnia Berlin!

Admission and welcome from 8 p.m. - Start of hypnosis: approx. 9.15 p.m.
Drinks included (soft / beer / wine / sparkling wine)
Let yourself be hypnotized and give in to your lust!
After the great success of our first "Erotic Hypnosis" party we continue. Let yourself be hypnotized live on the spot and experience what is possible with erotic hypnosis!

First, erotic hypnotist "ViVe" shows and explains in a small show how hypnosis works and what it can do. Afterwards, everyone can experience for themselves how erotic hypnosis feels and be hypnotized directly by ViVe!

As a highlight of the evening he will lead you, by means of hypnosis, deep into your own pleasure center: So deep that nothing else exists but your lust.

After that, you will be fully controlled by your desire and lust - until you need sex like the air you breathe. 

And what happens then... is entirely up to you!

An important note about hypnosis: Only things happen that you yourself want to happen. No one will be "shown" and you can only be a spectator. The following applies: The experience is only as good as you allow it to be. You have control at all times. Also about giving it away and letting it explode in your mind!

Target group: Ideal for couples and singles who would like to be hypnotized once and then surrender to their lust.

Course of the evening: From 20.00 o'clock Vive and the team of welcome you in Insomnia Berlin. Everyone who wants to, we will be happy to answer all questions about "Erotic Hypnosis" in advance and respond to your wishes.

At 21.00 Vive starts his show and you can see what Vive can do with his brought "toys". Afterwards everyone who wants to can try it himself. In a group trance, ViVe will let you relax first and you can choose - for yourself - what you want to experience under hypnosis.

You want to experience a very special kink under hypnosis? Be a real Pet for once? Feel yourself as a man fully as a woman? Just talk to us! We will gladly try to fulfill your wish. The limits are only your own imagination.

Erotic hypnotist Vive:

The hypnotist known from TV and radio has been moving in the international kink and hypnosis scene for almost two decades. He has performed at the New England "Erotic Hypnosis Conference" (Chicago USA), the "Middle Eastern Erotic Hypnosis Unconference" (USA), the "Spiral Oaks" Festival (Wisconsin USA) and on the big show stage of the Venus Festival in Berlin.

All info about Erotic Hypnotist Vive can be found at

ViVe has prepared the following hypnotic "highlights" for you at the party:

Exclusive "Insomnia Trance":
Insomnia is another world. And in this trance you will leave everyday life behind you. All stress, all worries, everything that blocks you, stays outside. And you are free to live your fantasies and will feel sensual, confident and sexy. If you want, you can keep this trigger with you and feel the effects afterwards every time you enter Insomnia.

Arousal Trigger:
Imagine that everyone (whom you allow!) only needs to say one word, and you will instantly become horny. Just one word whispered in your ear and your body will react with pure lust. This trigger will only work on people you want them to be able to use it on, and it will lose its effect after you leave Insomnia.

Increased Perception:
You've probably heard about how a dentist can take away pain with hypnosis. We do the opposite. Imagine that all your erogenous zones become more sensitive and sensual. Every touch will become more intense. And your skin will long for touch.

Hypnotic orgasm:
You want to come? Without having to touch yourself? Then engage in a hypnotic orgasm and experience a climax like never before.

Lost in pleasure:
The "climax" after the "climax" of the evening, so to speak. You will embark on a journey deep into lust - so deep that nothing else matters. To a place where you are fully controlled by your desire and lust. Until you need sex like the air you breathe.

And what happens after this hypnosis... is then entirely up to you! The well-equipped playrooms of Insomnia are at your disposal!

Dress code: sexy - sensual - kinky


Dark tones and special materials are the main focus here.
Goth dresses and gowns, latex, vinyl and leather outfits
Predominantly on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays there are one or many o the following terms to be found in the dress code: Sexy underwear, black dessous, lingerie, fetish, no street clothes

On those days another more sexual party-concept is the main focus,
hence the dress code adapts to this motto and wants to deliver a more sexually explicit atmosphere amongst the participants, e.g. black, tight underwear, black shorts, muscle-shirts, translucent shirts, fetish, vinyl, latex, leather, lingerie, corsets, stockings, obscene negligees, babydolls, etc.

Look appetizing! - You want to be selected, right?
Body-hugging, tight-fitting clothes made of unusual materials and the sensual staging of one's own body, e.g. fetish, latex, lacquer, leather, gothic, lingerie, fishnet shirts, suspenders, glamour, nylon, chiffon, satin, velvet, silk, fur, feathers, boots, accessories such as collars, leather straps - shackles, whips, dizzyingly high high heels, etc.

If you prefer to cover up a bit more, you can do so with flowing, dark - mainly black, perhaps also transparent - fabrics, e.g. caftans, sarongs, capes, uniforms, etc.

Also lacing, constricting and bringing into shape, e.g. corsets, chains, ropes, etc.

The demand for an extraordinary presentation can also be realised with the help of costumes, whether as a sexy nurse & doctor, Caligula & Messalina, Bonny & Clyde, kinky police officer, strong barbarian, black pirate, belly dancer, enchanting Jeannie.

If you don't dare to go that far erotically, have just come from the opera or simply appreciate an elitist and elegant outfit, you can also come in "black tie", e.g. dinner jacket, tailcoat and top hat, sexy and wicked evening dress, short black dress, sequin dresses etc. Please think of something.

Please think of something so that you can smile all the way to the bar on the weekend and not just to the door!
36 & 54, Berlin
46 & 49, Norway
26, Berlin
31 & 45, München
30 & 30
20 & 20, Bremen