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Hedomanie - Saturday Special
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Kinky Cuddling

Kinky Cuddling @ INSOMNIA Nightclub Berlin - Sexpositive, Erotic, Fetish, Kuschel, Cuddling - PartyVeranstaltet durch:

Saturday, 25. November from 8:00 PM

0 Sex Party
Cuddle party and workshop with Sexological Bodyworker Ona.
Admission from 20 - 21 o'clock
Drinks* included
Interesting sensory & perception games
Registration exclusively here: ona@anders-kuscheln.de
From the organizer of the ultimate cuddle party follows the second strike: Kinky Cuddling - Extreme Cuddling de Luxe! The new cuddling experiment on Friday evening.

We will cuddle without restraint, give in to your longing for closeness and security, exchange intimate hugs and feel the heat of each other's bodies tightly embraced. We form a temporary fusion that comes together to enjoy sensual touch, deep relaxation and security.

We cuddle for peace of mind and so that everyone feels comfortable, there are clear rules:

Admission is only between 20:00 and 21:00, after which we want to start.

Under the guidance of Sexological Bodyworker Ona, the evening starts relaxed and playful in casual, comfortable clothing.

It's about unintentional touching and caressing, loving body contact and intention-free tenderness - no one has to feel obligated to do anything, intimate zones and sexual touching are not allowed during the first half of the evening. Interesting sensory & perceptual games.

Then follows the second, new part. Stimulating guided games and scenarios, crazy action that bring out erotic surprises, daring toys, realization of the most secret fantasies... let yourself be surprised and give free rein to your play instinct!

Everyone can decide freely and without any obligation if the rest of the evening will be like the first part or if they want to go on to the second part.

Insomnia - Your interactive sex lab to feel and explore your passions!

Since we want to achieve a healthy ratio between men and women and have a wonderful atmosphere, it is necessary to be on time on the evening and to register bindingly for this party. We are looking forward to your cuddle fantasies and are very happy to help you with the realization.

Gentlemen please apply with a picture and a short introduction of your person for one of the limited to 15 places.

Dresscode: casual, cuddly, comfortable and for the second part sexy underwear, sensual, naked

*Soft drinks / beer / wine / sparkling wine

Covid measures & hygiene concept

The current hygiene regulations of the Berlin Senate apply. You can find the current version on the News-Page.


Predominantly on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays there are one or many o the following terms to be found in the dress code: Sexy underwear, black dessous, lingerie, fetish, no street clothes

On those days another more sexual party-concept is the main focus,
hence the dress code adapts to this motto and wants to deliver a more sexually explicit atmosphere amongst the participants, e.g. black, tight underwear, black shorts, muscle-shirts, translucent shirts, fetish, vinyl, latex, leather, lingerie, corsets, stockings, obscene negligees, babydolls, etc.

Look appetizing! - You want to be selected, right?
Everything that is soft and cuddly: leggings, T-shirts, onesies, sportswear. For the later part: lingerie, underwear, kimono, nude.
Please no jeans, hard belt buckles, firm, rough fabrics etc.