Hedomanie - Saturday Special
Hedomanie - Saturday Special


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The Femdom Saloon

Veranstaltet durch:
Frau Leader

Thursday, 21. December from 8:00 PM

per person
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Femdom Play-Party with Miss Liz & Frau Leader
All Inclusive*
Registration is only possible via this link: https://forms.gle/JdHjBRiBvYZXuXju6
@Ms_Lzz_ and @Frau_Leader are inviting you to the next Femdom Saloon. Where all dominants will be Female and subs of all gender are welcome. Feel welcome to join our party as a couple, polygroup or as a single.
Places for single subs will be limited, so be on time with signing up!

To make sure you will have a spot at our party, please sign up via this form: https://forms.gle/JdHjBRiBvYZXuXju6

To encourage play we have set a few rules.

- Every submissive has 1-3 specialties. Please make sure you choose something you would feel comfortable doing with most Domina's, otherwise it will defeat the purpose.
This can be anything, from very basic as giving a (foot)massage, being a rope bunny, serving as a footstool, to something more creative as reciting poems, being there for a good conversation, being trained as a servant, giving guitar lessons, or more sexual as being an anal slut or cunnilingus.
- Every submissive has the right to say no to a dominant woman when they want to play with them. Every submissive can ask any of the dominants for play, but no means no
- Every Domina has the right to say No to a Sub
- Subs are not allowed on the furniture, they can stand or sit on the ground (getting someone out of subspace is of course no problem)
- All subs should be polite and respectful to the Dominas.

Single subs have some more duties when they come to the party.
- They help with serving, make sure everyone has a drink and something to eat.
- Help keep the play areas clean
- Will be of service during play (aka whip holding, bag carrying etc)

General rules at the party:

- Doors will be open between 20.00 and 21.00
- Respect other people, give them their space when they are playing
- No phones / photography allowed, leave your phone in the wardrobe!
- No entry in regular street wear - Dress to Impress

Dresscode: Dress to impress, no streetwear. Possible options: Latex, Leather, Corset, Cross-dress, Gothic, Military, Glamorous, Full Fetish. If you have doubts about your outfit, please contact one of us up front!

*including drinks (soft, wine, beer).

Covid measures & hygiene concept

The current hygiene regulations of the Berlin Senate apply. You can find the current version on the News-Page.


Dark tones and special materials are the main focus here.
Goth dresses and gowns, latex, vinyl and leather outfits
Body-hugging, tight-fitting clothes made of unusual materials and the sensual staging of one's own body, e.g. fetish, latex, lacquer, leather, gothic, lingerie, fishnet shirts, suspenders, glamour, nylon, chiffon, satin, velvet, silk, fur, feathers, boots, accessories such as collars, leather straps - shackles, whips, dizzyingly high high heels, etc.

If you prefer to cover up a bit more, you can do so with flowing, dark - mainly black, perhaps also transparent - fabrics, e.g. caftans, sarongs, capes, uniforms, etc.

Also lacing, constricting and bringing into shape, e.g. corsets, chains, ropes, etc.

The demand for an extraordinary presentation can also be realised with the help of costumes, whether as a sexy nurse & doctor, Caligula & Messalina, Bonny & Clyde, kinky police officer, strong barbarian, black pirate, belly dancer, enchanting Jeannie.

If you don't dare to go that far erotically, have just come from the opera or simply appreciate an elitist and elegant outfit, you can also come in "black tie", e.g. dinner jacket, tailcoat and top hat, sexy and wicked evening dress, short black dress, sequin dresses etc. Please think of something.

Please think of something so that you can smile all the way to the bar on the weekend and not just to the door!
Fetish-outfits, BDSM-outfits, Uniforms, corsets, Dominatrix & naked slave, Master & naked Slave
Fetish-Outfits (Latex, Lacquer, Leather), BDSM-Outfits, naked slaves and servants with their elegant masters
Fetish-outfits (latex, wet look, leather), BDSM-outfits, gentlemen in suits or fetish-dresses and their naked playmates