Hedomanie - Saturday Special
Hedomanie - Saturday Special


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International Sex Affairs

International Sex Affairs @ INSOMNIA Nightclub Berlin - Sexpositive, Erotic, Fetish, Burlesque, Swinger, BDSM - PartyVeranstaltet durch:
Dominique Insomnia

Tuesday, 07. November from 8:00 PM

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Erotic games in an atmosphere of Babylonian diversity.
Massage area
Early Bird until 21:00 Discount €10 on the entrance fee for couples & women! - All inclusive - all drinks*

International meetings are the wonderful aspect of Tuesday evenings: far from home and prudery, where there often isn’t a swinger club culture or where people are too afraid of being caught by disagreeable neighbours, more and more swingers seeking adventure travel from all over the world to Berlin, to communicate in the international language of lust and to widen their sexual horizons.

During a business trip, it is always possible to have an "important meeting" away from the official program, and so sex-starved swinger couples and singles seek their fun in the anonymous big city, especially during the week.

Enjoy a seedy evening with playful nymphomaniacs, adventurous couples and steadfast gentlemen in the lascivious atmosphere of INSOMNIA.

We have created a massage area for you, where you can be pampered by magic hands.

Open bar, whirlpool & chill out music

When Cuban rhythm and Israeli joie de vivre screw, when Norwegian Vikings and Australian beauties unite, when Asian spring rolls thrust into Italian calzone, when Russian Tsarinas are ridden by American stallions and right in the middle the erotic Berlin scene gets stuck in -- then we have International Sex Affairs - erotic globalisation in Insomnia.

We have an active consensus, i.e. first ask, then touch. If you want to swing, you should approach others in a friendly and open manner without being pushy. If you want to play SM games, you have to find the right tone! A "no" is a "no" and will not be discussed!

This is a sex party and we want active participants who meet in consensual situations. For those who would like to have a look around and take their first tentative steps, we recommend Friday/Saturday with erotic dance and theme parties.

*except champagne & cocktails

Covid measures & hygiene concept

The current hygiene regulations of the Berlin Senate apply. You can find the current version on the News-Page.


Predominantly on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays there are one or many o the following terms to be found in the dress code: Sexy underwear, black dessous, lingerie, fetish, no street clothes

On those days another more sexual party-concept is the main focus,
hence the dress code adapts to this motto and wants to deliver a more sexually explicit atmosphere amongst the participants, e.g. black, tight underwear, black shorts, muscle-shirts, translucent shirts, fetish, vinyl, latex, leather, lingerie, corsets, stockings, obscene negligees, babydolls, etc.

Look appetizing! - You want to be selected, right?