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Venus Kick-Off Party

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Dominique Insomnia
52, Berlin

Friday, 21. October from 10:00 PM

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The Venus KickOff Party
INSOMNIA Berlin @ VENUS 2022
Fair stand from 11 am with various acts and workshops
Techhouse, House & Electro by DJs Monty & Basti Wach
Midnight Kinky Show by Harleen van Hynten
BDSM playgrounds - whirlpool - couples area
The INSOMNIA, Berlin's most beautiful nightclub for hedonists, swingers, fetish freaks and free thinkers presents itself this year not only with great shows, elaborate Venus booth and extravagant party nights - but also with some very special collaborations.

Our booth at the Venus fair includes not only a classic photo corner, where you can be professionally photographed with your favorite star or starlet by house and court photographer Tobias Ahlbrecht, but also with a sex coaching - area, where Tantra specialists and sex therapists inform you about sexual wellness and alternative forms of love and relationships.
At the top of the hour you can listen to interesting lectures while having a relaxed drink at the specially set up INSOMNIA bar. Among others Lea Holzfurtner and

In our Hedonistic Lounge you can not only relax a bit from the hustle and bustle of the fair, but also watch, among other things, the first publicly funded porn "FFMM straight / queer doggy BJ ORAL orgasm squirting ROYALE (gebührenfinanziert)" and listen to meaty talks on alternative, inclusive and fair porn productions. For this we have invited the following partners:

LetsDoPorn.Berlin is a joint effort by Berlin-based porn streaming platforms and studios to create visibility for alternative porn and invite people to create more explicit content. Lustery, Ersties and HardWerk are the companies behind this initiative. They stand for ethical productions and films that focus on the performers' own desires and preferences and create diverse and inclusive content. Their goal is to destigmatize porn and open a discussion about adult content creation and ethical standards.

Porn stars from these productions will be available for photos and thought-provoking Talks. Among others in the Talk:
Paulita Pappel:
Lina Bembe:
Bishop Black:
Noir So:
Holy Mother/Mila Gold:

And when the gates close under the radio tower it goes in the INSOMNIA already again with extravagant parties.

On Friday, October 21 from 22:00 we are looking forward to the DJ skills of Monty & Basti Wach at the "Venus Kick Off" party. As a feast for the eyes, a breathtakingly naughty show by the enchanting Sandylicious awaits you around midnight.

On Saturday, October 22nd then follows from 22:00 the "Venus Bizarre" - the fetish party and sexpositive hotspot for all international stars and visitors. Here you can let yourself go after the day at the fair, wear the newly purchased fetish outfit, dance to the electronic beats of Techno-House-PsyTrance DJs Scary & Don Dilone and be enchanted by a particularly obscene performance by DoubleTrouble Berlin and Nina Vegas.

In addition to the party activities, our BDSM catacombs in the basement, the separate playrooms, couples area, clinic area, massage and whirlpool invite you to forbidden games and sinful goings-on.

Admission Fri or Sat: Per person 30,- / Presale 25,-
Combiticket Fri & Sat: Per person 50,- / Presale 45,-

Tickets are available in advance online or at the checkroom in the club or at the INSOMNIA- booth at the Venus fair. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance.

Covid measures & hygiene concept

The current hygiene regulations of the Berlin Senate apply. You can find the current version on the News-Page.


Body-hugging, tight-fitting clothes made of unusual materials and the sensual staging of one's own body, e.g. fetish, latex, lacquer, leather, gothic, lingerie, fishnet shirts, suspenders, glamour, nylon, chiffon, satin, velvet, silk, fur, feathers, boots, accessories such as collars, leather straps - shackles, whips, dizzyingly high high heels, etc.

If you prefer to cover up a bit more, you can do so with flowing, dark - mainly black, perhaps also transparent - fabrics, e.g. caftans, sarongs, capes, uniforms, etc.

Also lacing, constricting and bringing into shape, e.g. corsets, chains, ropes, etc.

The demand for an extraordinary presentation can also be realised with the help of costumes, whether as a sexy nurse & doctor, Caligula & Messalina, Bonny & Clyde, kinky police officer, strong barbarian, black pirate, belly dancer, enchanting Jeannie.

If you don't dare to go that far erotically, have just come from the opera or simply appreciate an elitist and elegant outfit, you can also come in "black tie", e.g. dinner jacket, tailcoat and top hat, sexy and wicked evening dress, short black dress, sequin dresses etc. Please think of something.

Please think of something so that you can smile all the way to the bar on the weekend and not just to the door!
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