Flyer - INSOMNIA in Quarantine - DONATION - Insomnia - Party - Berlin - Erotic - Kinky - Club - Fetish - BDSM - Sexpositive - Burlesque - Swinger - Hedonism
Flyer - INSOMNIA in Quarantine - DONATION - Insomnia - Party - Berlin - Erotic - Kinky - Club - Fetish - BDSM - Sexpositive - Burlesque - Swinger - Hedonism

Новости Insomnia

- New for beginner couples and single ladies!
Yor are new to Insomnia, but don’t have the guts to go there alone?
Now we provide you the “swinger-patrons”!
You visit Insomnia together with a well experienced swinger-couple and will get explained all the customs and manners of Insomnia. They will have an open ear for all your questions during the night.
If you are interested, write an email to

- Our new travel website is online. Check it out! :

- The visitors, who attended our past "Secrets" events, were certainly enchanted just like us by this refreshing atmosphere and the new rooms added to the club. And the next event is already about to start: More information about the party in our event calendar!

- The wednesday at INSOMNIA will from now on be a temple for all lovers of BDSM & Fetish: 50 Shades of Berlin, Judge Sledgehammer and Wednesday's Wildest Fetish will make your deepest hidden phantasies come to life.
All informations about the parties you will find here!

- You will find our Youtube-Channel here!

- For age verfication please bring a copy of your id-card or passport together with your emailadress and your username to the wardrobe of Insomnia. There is a possibility to make a copy as well. After that you will be verified. At the moment, this is the only way to make the age verification but we plan an electronic way for the future.


Dear party community!

Energizing beats, seductively dressed bodies that dance to the sound of the music, extraordinary performances and wholesome perversions stylishly staged - we miss all that so much!

Our party streams every Friday and Saturday at 20:30 on are very popular. But we lack the INSOMNIA-typical kinky spice, the orgasmic extra, the wild unrestrainedness, which we can't live out on PG13 platforms.

But now comes the digital erotic acute - supply with a special kind of live stream for couples & singles on Insomnia-Berlin.Live!
Every thursday at 21:00 we will broadcast a Kinky Show of the extra class!
It is new. It is different. It's Insomnia Kinky TV.
Check it out, create an account and get 50% as a welcome present.
The proceeds of the stream will help us to get through this time, pay bills and keep a part of the team busy.

Like all clubs we have closed since 13.03.2020 due to the corona-criis and do not know yet when we can open again.

I want to collect here for my staff, for the DJs, performers, bar people, runners, wardrobe and door.

Many of them work as self-employed micro-entrepreneurs, whether and how state aid will reach them - that is written in the stars.

For some employees, short-time work benefits apply, but the many low-income earners/mini-jobbers/temporary workers fall "down the drain" with this regulation. Even if they have not earned much in addition, this does not mean that they would not be decisively lacking for life.

We will stream live for you every Friday and Saturday - from Insomnia with your favourite DJs and the possibility to chat with us:

I know that most of you are in a similarly difficult situation, but whoever can donate a little - please do so - for the Insomnia Team!

You can donate here!

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

With hedonistic greetings