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Welcome to Insomnia

Dear friends and guests of INSOMNIA,
the second lockdown is imminent and unfortunately we have to close our doors again for our guests from November 2nd.

But we will stay in touch with you online and continue to stream some INSOMNIA-atmosphere live from the club into your living rooms on Friday and Saturday.

Please stay tuned and don't forget to support us, because the next weeks will be extra hard for our beloved club and its team.

You can donate here for the survival of INSOMNIA:

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart in advance and stay healthy!

With hedonistic greetings


INSOMNIA is a club in which cosmopolitan freaks, urban night birds, polymorphic party people, creatives and travellers from all over the world celebrate together to the pulsating beat of the night.

INSOMNIA is much more than just a mixture of party, fetish and swinging clubs - it is a hedonistic parallel universe with parties that are sex-positive, full of casual intimacy and sensuality for all forms of love or relationships: whether vanilla, swinger, gender fluid, bizarre, fetish or BDSM.

INSOMNIA is a temple where you can experiment with non-traditional relationship structures, sexual experiences, self-exploration, and polysexuality. We offer a clean, safe sexual escapade infrastructure that is sexpositive & bodypositive, openminded, heteroflexible & clandestine - Newcomers are very welcome!

Get into your most eager role, your naughtiest costume, your breath-taking lingerie, your most daring outfits or your stylish fetish robe and make INSOMNIA what it is - with your intoxicating aura, your dazzling flair and your grandezza!

Be libidinous!
Alt Tempelhof 17-19
12099 Berlin

Hedonistic Parties

INSOMNIA is THE hedonistic hotspot, where partypeople, freaks, adventurers, creative personalities and the flamboyant meet to the dance on the volcano.
Established for many years in the Berlin club scene, every weekend the doors open for friends and strangers looking for more than just a normal dance party.

Interesting tango nights also on Wednesdays!

Upcoming Parties

Swinger Parties

During the week the INSOMNIA offers many different events, lounge nights and swingerparties - an ideal, safe and clean infrastructure for friends of the swinging lifestyle, fetish lovers, adventurous couples and singles, for any and all of your escapades.

At INSOMNIA EVERY orientation has its place for pleasure.

Upcoming Parties

Fetish/BDSM Parties

INSOMNIA is THE classy meeting point for dominatrices, masters, slaves, servants, fetish lovers, rookies and all people interested in the dark side of lust.
Are you still reading "50 Shades of Grey", or have you started living it yet?

Upcoming Parties