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Welcome to Insomnia

Dear friends of stylish obscenities,

despite the ban on dancing, we have been able to experience beautiful parties, we have converted the dance floor into a cozy living room and you, our wonderful guests have visited us despite everything and diligently played our many playgrounds.

And so we continue to invite you to sensual nights as long as we are allowed.

We open up to a maximum of 200 people and under 2G+ conditions. The test station will be occupied until 01:00.
It's insane, but not opening even though we could would be even more insane!

We are looking forward to your visit.
Dominique and the INSOMNIA team


INSOMNIA is a lifestyle club where cosmopolitan libertines, urban night owls, polymorphous party people, creatives and travellers from all over the world party together to the pulsating beat of the night.

INSOMNIA is a hedonistic parallel universe with parties that are sex-positive, full of casual intimacy and sensuality. International & Berlin DJs punctuate the ecstatic atmosphere with music ranging from techno, electro, house to gothic, swing, tango and classics, and performers from all over the world enchant with magical shows.

INSOMNIA is a temple for all non-conformist, free-spirited forms of life and love of any inclination: whether vanilla, swinger, genderfluid, queer, bizarre, fetish or BDSM. We offer a clean, safe sexual escapade infrastructure for emancipated women, for modern couples who want to go on erotic adventures together and heteroflexible men who also like to make themselves available as erotic accomplices, in short a safe sex lab for everyone. Newcomers are very welcome!

Be libidinous!

Hedonistic Parties

INSOMNIA is THE hedonistic hotspot, where partypeople, freaks, adventurers, creative personalities and the flamboyant meet to the dance on the volcano.
Established for many years in the Berlin club scene, every weekend the doors open for friends and strangers looking for more than just a normal dance party.

Interesting tango nights also on Wednesdays!

Upcoming Parties

Swinger Parties

On weekdays, the INSOMNIA offers the ideal, safe, clean sexual escapades - infrastructure for friends of the swinging lifestyle, fetish lovers and adventurous couples & singles with changing events, lounge evenings and swinger parties.

At INSOMNIA, simply EVERY orientation finds attention, pleasure and special offers.

Upcoming Parties

Fetish/BDSM Parties

INSOMNIA is the stylish meeting place for dominas, masters, slaves, servants, fetish lovers, newcomers and those interested in the dark side of pleasure.
Are you still reading "50 Shades of Grey" or are you already living it?

Upcoming Parties