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Circus Bizarre

Circus Bizarre @ INSOMNIA Nightclub Berlin - Sexpositive, Erotic, Fetish, Burlesque, Swinger, BDSM - Party

Saturday, 17. August from 10:00 PM

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Open Club for Hedonistic People!
Deep House, Techhouse & Electro by Gebrüder Werner
Kinky Midnight Show by Crystal Tassels
Playground, Cinema & Cocktails
Amongst the varied nightly activities of our capital city, Circus Bizarre plays its seductive melody: here guests party wildly, love each other sensually and turn night into day with style!

Sexy Berliners and globetrotters, young nymphs and mature balladeers, those who prop up the bar and dance-floor acrobats, mineral water-drinkers and champagne connoisseurs, ladies’ men and super-machos, leather lovers and rubber fans, impoverished writers and top-class benefactors, eye-candy and hidden depths - they all meet here!
They all enjoy ice-cold drinks at the bar, dance to driving beats or let their passion run free in the many playrooms, in the whirlpool, in the clinic room, on the massage table or in our gallery, especially reserved for couples.

The most talented DJs of the Berlin scene play the night’s soundtrack with techno, house, trans and electro... the newest tracks and popular classics are mixed here in a unique blend.

If you are up for this hedonistic temptation, incredible and unique experiences and sensuous delights await you in your sleepless night - INSOMNIA.

Carpe Noctem – Seize the night!


Through tight and close-fitting clothes made of extraordinairy materials and the sensual orchestration of the own body, e.g. Fetish, latex, vinyl, leather, gothic, lingerie, fishnet, suspenders, glamour, nylon, chiffon, satin, silk, velvet, fur, feather, boots, accessories like necklaces, leather straps, bondages, whips, dizzying high heels, etc.

Who prefers to cover himself a little bit more, should do that by using flowing, dark, especially black, maybe translucent cloth, e.g. caftan, sarong, capes, uniforms, etc. Also corseting, stringing and strapping clothes, that shape yourself up, e.g. corsages, chains & ropes, etc.

The demand of an extraordinary exposure can also be fulfilled by using costumes, like sexy nurse & doctor, Caligula & Messalina, Bonny & Clyde, kinky police officer, mighty barbarian, black pirates, belly dancer or the adorable Jeannie.

Who doesn't dare to go out that far erotically, who joins the party after a visit at the opera or who just prefers the elitist-elegant outfit over everything, may appear "Black Tie", e.g. Smoking, tailcoat & top hat, backless gown, sequin dresses, etc.

Please come up with something creative, so your visit ends with a laugh at the bar and on dance floor and not already at the door.
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