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INSOMNIA New Year's Eve Party
Erotic Hypnosis - Live
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INSOMNIA New Year's Eve Party


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Nudes & Suits

Nudes & Suits @ INSOMNIA Nightclub Berlin - Sexpositive, Erotic, Fetish, Burlesque, Swinger, BDSM - PartyVeranstaltet durch:
Mira und Nestor

Wednesday, 06. December from 8:00 PM

0 Sex Party
CMNF party for couples, ladies, selected single men & hot bulls.
Admission only from 20-22 clock
Pre-registration is requested at
Dress code: Gentlemen in elegant suit, ladies sexy cocktail/evening dress, burlesque, elegant fetish - later naked... gladly with accessories like collar, mask, gag, shackles, corset, stockings without straps, high heels, boots
All inclusive drinks couples 75€ - men 75€ / Hot Bulls 50€ - ladies 25€
Early Bird until 21:00 Discount €10 on the entry price for couples & women!
The exciting game between dominant gentlemen in elegant suits and submissive naked ladies. This night is all about the fusion of style and desire as the darkness of desire meets the glow of devotion. This unique CMNF party invites you to a captivating BDSM scenario where power and lust merge.

The prelude to this unconventional experience begins in style: the men in elegant evening suits, the women tasteful and seductive, the environment mysterious and peppered with bondage cross, sling, buck, gyn chair.
At the beginning of the evening the hosts of the evening Miss Mira & Nestor welcome you with a cool drink and discuss with you the possibilities and rules of the evening!

Around 22:00 Miss Mira leads the ladies to undress and the first highlight of the evening begins around 22:30, when the naked ladies are presented by Master Nestor to the gentlemen present.
This event is suitable for couples willing to experiment and with a desire for unusual scenarios: From the noble mare released for use, submissive sucking mouth, bondage object of desire, brood mares & slut training de luxe or obscenely presented and displayed - the limits and possibilities are set by you alone!

Single ladies can place themselves in the care of Miss Mira & Master Nestor, who look after the games with a watchful eye and caringly accompany the preservation of the agreements.

Steadfast gentlemen with level, certain physical and mental advantages like empathy, respect and a tidy Gemächt with perseverance, can ervögeln themselves after positive evaluation of the mates the rank one "Hot Bulls" and enjoy reduced entrance conditions. Recognizable by the red flies around their neck.

We ask for prior registration by mail. You will receive a questionnaire about your fantasies, taboos and wishes. Do you want to watch or do you want to be in the center of the action? Do you want more male players, bulls and decent studs? Let us know so we can exquisitely and appropriately assemble the guests.

Anything goes, even just watching - but please do so only if you are willing to adhere to the special dress code.

This is a sex party and we want active participants who will engage in consensual situations. This consensual adult sex will be discussed beforehand and our hosts will take care of a safe space for your fantasies with you. For those who find the dress code too strict or who want to have a look around and take their first cautious steps, we recommend Friday/Saturday with erotic dance - and theme parties.

If you want to play SM games, you have to find the right tone! A "no" is a "no" and will not be discussed!


Predominantly on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays there are one or many o the following terms to be found in the dress code: Sexy underwear, black dessous, lingerie, fetish, no street clothes

On those days another more sexual party-concept is the main focus,
hence the dress code adapts to this motto and wants to deliver a more sexually explicit atmosphere amongst the participants, e.g. black, tight underwear, black shorts, muscle-shirts, translucent shirts, fetish, vinyl, latex, leather, lingerie, corsets, stockings, obscene negligees, babydolls, etc.

Look appetizing! - You want to be selected, right?
Fetish-outfits (latex, wet look, leather), BDSM-outfits, gentlemen in suits or fetish-dresses and their naked playmates
27 & 45, Berlin
31 & 33, Berlin
23 & 40
37 & 41
43, Trevenans
24, Wrocław