Welcome to INSOMNIA.
Here is your place for sensual and spiritual exchange.
Here you feel good.
INSOMNIA is lustful erotic communication at all levels in between hedonistic freethinkers... Be libidous!

INSOMNIA Erotic Nightclub
Alt Tempelhof 17 - 19
12099 Berlin
Open: Tuesday to Sunday


The INSOMNIA - by no means just another Club!

It is new - it is different - it takes your sleep away!
Hedonism has finally moved into a luscious art nouveau fin de siècle
ballroom fully restored with love and utmost care to every detail.

The INSOMNIA is closing a gap in the capitals nightlife, being enticing, provoking and stimulating to say the least. Erotically inspired clubbers regularly meet in this golden-red cathedral to celebrate the dance on the volcano and to thrive in passion. The prices are guaranteed so stay moderately low. It is the new and stylish stage for the creatures of the night, the colourful and the glamorous, the fetishist and the worshipper and all those who want to see and then, of course be seen.
During the week the INSOMNIA hosts a variety of events, including loungy evenings and letyour- hair-down-parties. It is a second living room to meet with friends and strangers. No better place for that first blind date with chatroom internet acquaintances. You can check him out in a safe and clean environment instead of meeting him at your apartment door.

Dominique is deeply rooted in the SM- and fetish-scene. She opened her first SM studio in 1987. At age 20 she was the founding member of the sadomasochistic interest community, a non-for-profit organization, that is openly fighting for public tolerance towards SM and fetish.
She is, however, probably best known for the Insomnia parties at the KitKatClub, that she organized and hosted for more than seven years. After that, she rediscovered the swingerscene with her partner in France in the Cap d'Agde.
She has rounded up an abundance of experience by creating this unique and special
playground of her own.
And there it is!
A club that caters to satisfy all of your senses. A full sound carpet is at the hands of first rate DJ's, backing up performance acts that go beyond and stretch your limits. Designer furniture has been designed not just for sitting, while the "White Ninja" guards closed quarters, the view-protected area, right next to the jacuzzi.
The INSOMNIA is elegant, frivolous, libertarian and bursts with new Ideas,
clearly 2K's answer to the roaring twenties. The club offers a variety of events from Tuesday until Sunday.
Tuesday: International Sex Affairs,
Wednesdays: Erotic Lounge & Afterwork-Hotspot with Photo-, Art- and Tango-Specials.
Thursdays: On a weekly rotation, either the "Special Parties" that require previous
registration, or the "Kinky Gang Bang ".
Fridays: on a monthly rotation there are different parties with their own slogans, such as "Angel in Bondage" (Goth Erotic Party), "Master & Servant" (Depeche Mode Party), Young Love (Minimal, Techno) and "SwingTime" (Swing), "Dirty Dancing" (80's).
Saturdays: "Circus Bizarre". Everything, Techno, Trance and Electro House has to offer will be conjured by top of the edge DJ's and twice a month our great orgy "Saturday Night Fuck".
Sundays: On sunday, "The Sunday Orgy ", an all inclusive-party that caters to Nymphomaniacs & sexy couples, starting at 7 pm takes place.
The "special parties" are closed to the public and reserved to a circle of hand picked visitors who meet to enact erotic fantasies and sexual dreams. All visitors of these parties are being driven by the same longings and desires. In order to turn these into reality, interested parties will be required to apply with a member profile that states your personal fantasy. Dominique's experience and her intuition for the right match will guaranty an ecstatic party experience.
At the INSOMNIA, every inclination is considered and catered to.



1. Dresscode: You should dress yourself in a sensual, erotique, kinky, provocative of elegant way. If you want to visit one of our special parties, please check out the special dresscode restrictions on the partydates site.

2. Use your eyes before using your fingers. The INSOMNIA doesn't expect much, but for you to treat each other respectfully and to reach out to and touch only these places where you have been invited to before. Respect your intimicies and follow your agreements and rules.

3. Please be clean, showered and good smelling! ;-)

4. Participate in creating the INSOMNIA concept. You can do this by not only opening a member-profile, but also visit and use our guestbook or the contact ads e.g. to get to know each other before meeting at one of our parties.

5. "The Meaning of life is enjoying yourselves"is the hedonistic attitude of the INSOMNIA.

6. Be libidous!


Dominique and Detlef

The heart of INSOMNIA
1. Times are changing. Today, the 90's seem farther away than the petty bourgeois
of the 50's. Remember Ecstasy and boom-boom techno? Wake up and smell the
coffee! Wriggling, naked torsos, drenched in sweat and enraptured to monotonous
staccato? Not again! And don't even think about those camouflage trousers! They
have become the gruesome uniform for the guys from the muscle steel factory.

2. Times are changing. Get down to earth. Can we talk? But not the way Joan Rivers
did! We are paving our way to the poorhouse, to ride there by a four-in-hand.
Dinner Jackets and evening gowns have always been the right attire for the dance
on the volcano.

3. Times are changing. Even for our city-magazines that never knew anything first. Did
the news finally hit town? Neither Aggro-Berlin nor Hartz IV can divert from the Fact:
Elegance is the trend of the hour! Elegance, matched with lasciviousness. A really
thrilling and enthralling mixture...

4. Times are changing. The place where energy drinks are being substituted by
champagne, where concessions are made to the budget not to the quality of a dry
winegrowers premium champagne, that is the place, where eroticism is celebrated. It
is a stage for some, proscenium for others. It is definitely an adult reality.

5. Times are changing. The Master of Ceremony is Dominique, the contemporary, living
symbol for elegant and intelligent decadence. She has seen it all, and has
experienced a lot. And she hates categorisations. "INSOMNIA will take your sleep
away" she says. And it's not just the volume of the music, she is talking about.

6. Times are changing. Now, that every sexual orientation is more or less socially
accepted, it is time to get out of the closet, to celebrate a bacchanalic feast with goodhearted friends of every sexual inclination. And Dominique is the mistress of desires...

7. Times are changing. Even if other clubs, still caught up in yesterday's
arrogance, boast of themselves of granting admission only to the elitist
chosen few, Dominique is thinking ahead. If you want to see and to be
seen, it takes actors and an audience. The only requirements to be part of
it, are style and tolerance.

8. Times are changing. Once you are inside you instantaneously become a part
of it. It is not a place where you are being distrustfully checked out by an
exclusive crowd. This is the place where the Art Director chats with the porn
model and the MBA in a tailor-made suit sits next to the avant-garde artist in a
black frill shirt.

9. Times are changing. And they are getting harder. Let's dance on the volcano as long
as we aren't covered by lava yet! Let's devote ourselves to passion or merely to good
music. Life is too short for bad wine and dull parties.
Let our sleep be taken by INSOMNIA!

Perform and Artist

The Parties


Beate Uhse
Guests at Insomnia

Alt-Tempelhof 17-19
12099 Berlin
Manager: Dominique INSOMNIA
Announcement english: +49 30 91 68 77 19
Mail: dominique@insomnia-berlin.de